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About Us
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About Us


We are arguably one of the largest Customs Clearing Agents in Pakistan, ensuring stress-free and smooth clearance for all our clients, so that they get their goods on time. Our team of dedicated Customs Brokers help ease paperwork and export and import regulations in best time for all your consignments. We help clear shipments by air, land and sea more proficiently by handling all the trade processes and compliance.


With maximum precision, we have cleared all sorts of consignments, including big and small, throughout the years. A proper case study of all local rules and regulations is conducted by our professional team to help you succeed in dealing with even the most difficult matters of trade compliance. With our case study method, we determine the obstacles and demand for your trade and consequently help you organise your paper work so that business drifts smoothly and everyday formalities are encountered.

Our profound understanding and awareness of this segment has enabled us offer end-to-end solutions to all our customers to enhance their cash flow, reduce customs duties and minimize turnaround time. In the most cost effective manner, our experts provide customized solutions for Customs Clearance, with the essential documents.


  • Know-how in managing diverse cargoes

  • Devoted to attain client contentment

  • Extremely well-organized working measures

  • Customer centric approach; and Complete documentation